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it’s about time…

I finally finished my Master's Thesis about GPU based image processing in the context of a multi-touch application. As I wrote in older posts I have built a prototype of an LCD based multi-touch screen. The PlayStation Eye camera is used to track blobs and fiducials using IR light and the images from the cam are processed on the GPU to extract positions, IDs, etc. For the implementation which will possibly be published in a later post, I used OpenCL, which allows programming on various heterogenous hardware. The visualization is done using solely OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile.

The thesis in in german and can be downloaded here. Feel free to read and comment it.

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  1. Glückwunsch, sieht beim überfliegen sehr cool aus.
    Schon n Termin für die Verteidigung?

  2. Danke!
    Nope, bisher noch nicht. Wird schätzungsweise irgendwann nächste Woche sein.
    Werd das dann bekannt geben.

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