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ScreenBrightness V2.1

I updated my Screen Brightness Tool to version 2.1. You can now specify a command-line parameter to set the brightness directly. When a parameter is specified the tool will be closed immediately after setting the brightness. Any previously running instance of the tool will not be closed.

You can download the new version here or from the projects page.

Have fun with the new feature! Feedback is welcome.

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  1. this software is great. you are a genious. it was what i was looking for many months. just because this problem i was going to sell my laptop. now everything fine. thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you so much! specially for the command line option in V2.1.

  3. Hey, this piece of software is everything I was looking for.
    But just a slight hiccup…. I was wondering if instead of Win + f5/f6/f7 as shortcuts, we could have custom ones…?
    Menu + Up/down arrow seems like a good combo as the keys are closer together.

  4. Is there a way to change the screen brightness through an API?
    Is there any chance that is program will be released under an open source licence?

  5. Works great ! Thank you :)

  6. Hi Christophe,

    there is an API which is called WMI. Here is a link to the WmiMonitorBrightness class:

    Sadly I probably have lost the source code for the program. It should be on an older disk but I have not found it yet. :(

  7. Any luck finding the source code, Patrick? This is a brilliant utility!

  8. Thank you very much, unfortunately not yet :(

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