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Blob Detection Reloaded

Today, I finally got the 50 Osram SFH 4350 LEDs I ordered. These shine at 850 nm, a wavelength at which the PS3 Eye is quite sensitive. The first thing to do with these LEDs was to test them somehow. Since I haven't got an IR bandpass filter for the cam (I ordered one from ebay), I had to test them without the filter.

So how did I run the test? A few days ago I ordered a sample of some Plexiglass EndLighten, which is available here. It's a special glass that shines diffuse when light shines from the side into the sheet. The final setup was simple: I connected 8 LEDs in row with a 1 ohm resistor and powered the setting with 12 Volts, the LEDs were attached to the Plexiglass and and everything was filmed with the cam.

A Screenshot with blobs detected on my hands is below, the other blobs in the surface come from a screw clamp.


stay tune for some more news in the near future 😉

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