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Here is an overview of the projects I have worked on, including some for my studies and some private ones.


You can easily look up words in english or german with this little C# application. You only have to press a hotkey to open the search window and type in the word you are searching for.
The application needs an internet connection to search for words because is used for the lookup.

Link: binary source

Screen Brightness Tool v2.1

So, you updated the operating system on your laptop and the shortcuts to adjust the backlight brightness won't work anymore? Here is a little tool, written in C#, to fix your problem.
After running the program, you can use the following shortcuts:
Win + F5: Decrease brightness level
Win + F6: Increase brightness level
Win + F7: Close the program

New in Version 2.1:
You can specify an integer between 0 and 100 as command-line argument to control the brightness from the command-line. The application will be closed immediately after applying the new brightness value.
Example: "ScreenBrightness.exe 75" - sets the brightness to 75 %.

Minimum system requirements:
Windows Vista and .NET Framework 4.0

Download: binary

Special thanks goes to Andreas Stiegler for the nice icon.